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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Where to Start?

There are a thousand things I'd like to write about. I'll briefly cover a few, you tell me what I should elaborate on.

-I bought a pair of Heelys. I've always wanted some. I understand that they are not cool unless you're ten years old, and I'm okay with that.

-I got a few new ties. From China. A friend of a friend went there over the summer and brought back a bunch of really nice ones, well made, good colors and designs. And cheap. Better than anything I could find here at Dillard's. Trust me, I looked.

-However, Dillard's did have a great sale on suits. I got two. Athletic cut, with ventilation slits in the back, one gray with blue pinstripes, the other black. They really look nice. Maybe not in the picture, but trust me, when I wear one...

-While I was buying my textbooks recently I decided I should get some books just because I like them. I bought several, including some practical How To guides.

The Zombie Survival Guide
How to Cheat at Everything
How to Be a Villain
Where's My Jetpack?
Written by none other than Daniel H. Wilson, see "I love this Guy" on the side bar.

-I stopped at D.I. today, for no real reason other than I was driving by. I walked in thinking, "What could I possibly find at D.I. that I'd want to buy?" That, friends, is what you call a stupid question. I found something I wanted, of course. I found two somethings. Item One, an old Playstation original that I had read about not too long ago. Supposedly, these are an audiophile's dream, and I had to find out for myself.
Item Two, a Polaroid Supercolor 635CL. It looks to be in absolutely perfect condition, and in an age of digital ubiquity, it's fun to have some gritty antiquity around. Pleasantly quaint and unique.

I took a picture of Dave and Mylee.
Dan managed to take a picture of the ceiling while looking at the camera.
He is an engineer who builds airplanes. Wow.

-I just read about this prodigy, and it blows my mind. I am a little jealous.

-Also, I encountered this little gem, in case you have an absurd amount of money you're interested in throwing away. Actually, if that's the case, just give me a call. I have a better idea for your $75,000.

-Invest in HTC. All over the techno-blogo-sphere, there are rampant rumors that Google has teamed with HTC for the soon-to-be-announced gPhone, or whatever they want to call it. It seems as though the rumors are too many and too specific for it all to be just nonsense, though I'm sure some of it is. These rumors have been around for years, but have really picked up momentum in the last month or two. In fact, I may actually invest a little in HTC myself. I've always wanted to give investing a try. I've had this exact thought before.

-I just saw this commercial, and really liked the music. Click on "FAQs" at the top, scroll down to "Can you tell me who sings the songs on the HUMMER commercials?", click on "TV spots". It's the second one in, Video Game. I'm a sucker for that techno garbage, really hits the right buttons for me.
Buttons...how apropos.
Too bad the band isn't a real band, but apparently a group that does mostly music for commercials. Incidentally, Dave has pointed out repeatedly that my preferred genres of music are primarily whatever they play in cool commercials.

-I am participating in a medical study. Today I drove to SLC to get an experimental flu shot (or a placebo, I may never know). I'll track my health for a couple weeks, go back in a month, and then at the end of flu season, they give me $250. Sweet. I asked if they have any sleeping studies they need people for. I'm really good at that.

-General Conference was today. I really enjoyed the Priesthood Session, and Elder Eyring's call to the First Presidency.

-I'm flying to the Carolinas on Tuesday. I'm landing in Charlotte, driving to Spartanburg, giving a presentation, then flying back. It's for work. Wish me luck.

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There are more, many more things I'd like to go into. But these are more than enough for now. Let me know what you think.


Emily said...

You are such an interesting fellow. As in, a compliment. As in, you always have interesting things to talk about. Surely your blog worth isn't registering for some reason. You must be worth something.

Nancy said...

Aus, it's good to see you're buying suits somewhere other than the D.I. and I like the ties. Next time your friend of a friend goes to China pick some up for Trav.

Nancy said...

Oh, and have fun in the Carolinas, I've always wanted to go there, it'd be cool if I could give a presentation too, maybe on making peach cobbler? I don't know what else I could present. Changing diapers? Potty training? Throwing the best kids birthday parties?

Mary said...

Heelys! I've wanted a pair for so, SO long. I'm happy for you Austin. This is truly great news.

So are you paying for all of your new purchases through your participation in that medical study? Good for you. I'd get a fake flu shot for a pair of heelys and an antiquarian polaroid as well. Maybe even for a power suit. (Actually maybe not for the suit. I don't like them on girls but I think I need one now.)

It's nice to keep tabs on you from so far away, espescially when (as emily says) you always have such interesting things to talk about. Also, that movie with that girl who brought you stuff when you were sick was terrific.

Mary said...

Oh, and Mylee and Dave are pretty darn cute.