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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Those of you that know me will know that this little video combines some of my favorite things. I wonder if you can name them...

I'll help get you started.
-Robots (obviously)
-The band Spoon

You take it from here.


Emily said...


CGI, cute Japanese girls, urban living, Wired, dancing yellow sponges, lab coats, public spectacles.

What else?

Austin said...

Wow, Em. That's pretty good. Maybe Black framed glasses go to the list too.

pam said...

What big city was it where we were watching some little puppets dance seemingly magically to music from a boombox, and you were intent upon shattering the illusion?

Austin said...

It was in several places in Italy, and it was such a BLATANT FRAUD that I was mad people for even a second baught it, much less PAID for it.

Austin said...

Lets add lab-coats and boomboxes to the list.