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Monday, October 01, 2007

I am sick

Or more specifically, I am ill physically. I have a pretty bad cold, the Nightime Sniffling Sneezing Coughing Aching Stuffyhead kind, so I am doing what any self respecting techie does when they are home from work.
I am blogging.

And let me tell you, there are some pretty interesting blogs out there. I was trying to verify some claims I heard after last week's concert, and came across this entry on one of the Arcade Fire's shows in New York. Interesting read, after having seen them myself.

Moving on from there, I somehow came across the blogs of several people who were clearly LDS, and thus read on. I thought this was very funny, seeing as dating is a constant topic of conversation in the shadow of BYU. While entertaining, though, it's ultimately a moot point. Every situation is unique, and it's never wise to operate in any specific situation based on the general beliefs of the crowd.

I think I could be friends with this guy. That sounds as though I am looking for more friends, but really I don't have enough time for my already friends.

Okay, I'm done. Have a good day. I for one, am going to take my illness as a vacation, an excuse to read a good book, watch a good movie, and eat a lot. Take care.

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pam said...

Thought you sounded a little like you had a cold the last time I saw you. But I didn't want to sound like the lady at church who tells Katie all the time that she looks tired, so I didn't say anything. Hope you have been taking your garlic and cayenne pepper.