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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Unexpected Consequences: Part 2

Sorry I left you hanging, there. Didn't have time to explain. I got home last night at almost midnight, even though I was done with the shoot at 7:30. Most of the time, you're not in front of the camera. It takes a long time for them to set up the camera and the props, so most of my time on set was just sitting around. And while my Sidekick II is entertaining, it's no replacement for actual company.

I talked to a few of the other extras, made some friends that I might see again if I keep doing extra stuff. Right around the time we were finishing, I started talking to one of the girls there when she asked what agency I was with. Agency? Sweetheart, I signed up for this online through UtahExtras.com, I'm not with a talent agency. Oh, Really? she says, you should sign up with the agency I'm with. So she tells me all about Tru Talant on Highland Drive in SLC, and how great they are, and how many gigs they get her for acting and modeling, and we just kept talking about any number of things. Right about the time we're going to turn in our work hours, she asks what I'm doing after this. Me? I'm just driving home. What are you up to after this? Nothing, she says, and do I want to go get something to eat and keep talking. Well...ya. That would be great.

So we drop off our bags at our cars, and head back into the Gateway, and debate about where to go. She says I pick, I say I'll narrow it down, we finally decide on Happy Sumo. Good food, and great sushi, if you ever get the chance. We got the Vegas Rolls and the Brooklyn Rolls, both really excellent, with eel sauce. Trust me, it's good.

We continued to talk. Actually she did most of the talking, which was fine with me. Through the course of the evening I pretty much got the life story of her and her whole family. She was born in Fort Worth, but moved to Utah ten years ago. Middle child. Studying Photography. Honestly, I could give a lengthy background.

We went to Chili's after to get dessert. Shared a milkshake, her idea. It was just like a old movie, or a Norman Rockwell painting.

This is certainly not how I normally operate, but I have to think it's pretty common for her. Great girl, really pretty, obviously friendly. Not what I would normally peg as my "type", but what does that mean anyway? What is my "type"?

I drove her back to her car, and right before I was going to ask for her number, she beat me to the punch. "So, are you going to ask for my number?" Well, ya, that was the next move. I was just about to. Next time I'm in SLC, I'll give you a call.

1) I'm never in Salt Lake, and if I am, it's usually for a specific reason, time already taken.
2) What are we going to go do if I call her? Take her out on another date? I'm certainly not getting into a long distance thing.

But it was a lot of fun. And it would be fun if I did call her and we went out again. Don't hold your breath, but I'll let you know if anything happens there. But really, don't hold your breath.

Pretty silly, Pretty girl, totally unexpected, probably never to be duplicated. It was a good time.

About the movie we were shooting. It's called Oreskaband, features Lucas Grabeel, who is much smaller than you might expect, and is most likely going to be a Disney Channel flick. I'm going to be embarrassed to be seen in that, but it was fun, all the same.

Interstingly, when I was leaving Salt Lake and getting on the freeway, what comes on the radio, after 12 hours on set with the Japanese ska band? Turning Japanese, by the Vapors.

P.S. Somebody should be paying me for product placement. I mentioned a bunch of different money making ventures in here, most of them positively.


Meredith said...

Yeah! Yeah! I am loving this so much.

Emily said...

Wow, you shared a milkshake. She's got her flirt thing done to a science, no?

Austin said...

Yes, no joke, an exact science. She was impressively good at it.

Mary said...

It's quite easy to picture you with a model/actress. Good for you Austin!

Angela said...

What, no pictures of said professional flirt?

Austin said...

I actually found her modeling headshot on facebook, but come on, that would be pretty weird for me to take her picture without her knowledge and post it on my blog.

Angela said...

You don't have to post her picture, just direct me to her facebook page...

Emily said...

And me, too.

pam said...

So, Austin, I have been wondering what you have been doing this week. Now I guess I know. Hope you had a fun Halloween.