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Monday, October 29, 2007

Get your Genres Right

So I highly doubt we were supposed to actually dress emo. I think that
was somebody at casting not understanding the subtle (and not so subtle)
distinctions between emo, indie, punk, ska, etc. Kudos to David Smith
for predicting that one.
We're shooting now. I'm just some dude in the plaza rockin' out to this
band. That's my part. Lucas Grabeel of High School Musical fame is the
big name of this one, so I have to assume this is a Disney Channel
original. My nieces would be proud.
I'm supposed to smile and dance and clap. The smiling isn't a problem,
because when I feel dumb and embarrased, I tend to smile. But the
dancing and clapping...I just need to pretend I'm at my apartment by
myself or with my roommates. There is plenty of idiotic dancing and
clapping that happens then
They split us extras into groups, then pairs. I'm supposed to walk up
to where the band is playing with Mary, a nice girl from Magna. Here is
a picture. Also, here is a picture of the set and scene.
More to come, and Emily, the outfit isn't that exciting. I'll post a
picture later on.
So, when I find out, I'll let you know when you can see me smiling and
clapping and dancing like a big dummy on Disney.

1 comment:

Angela said...

Oh, man! You're in a Disney Movie? I'm pretty jealous. I was watching Hannah Montana marathons yesterday before my Visiting Teachers came over. I think one of them was judging me when I told them what I had been doing.
p.s. my word varification was "yshort".