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Monday, October 29, 2007

More Pictures

Here are some more, of the band, the star, the crowd, etc. And as I've
said before, I wish my phone had a video camera on it. I would have
caught footage of Lucas Grabeel teaching the Japanese band to cuss in
the King's English. He said they had taught him all the worst Japanese
words, so it was a fair trade. I say he should be a better embassador.


amyegodfrey said...

Hey, Austin. Mr. Siwek (your track coach) and I were chatting after school while supervising float-making, about his good ol' days at T-Bird. He loves to tell the story about the time you conked your head on the ceiling of a shed or something like that and you were all bloodied. Your parents were out of town, so Mrs. Cannon was called. The paramedics came and asked your friends, who were hovering around you, if you were acting "goofy" because of the head injury. They said "no more than usual!" He loves that story, and he said you were a great kid!

Angela said...

Why do I not remember this?

Austin said...

I happened, right before Prom actually. Junior year. I ran my race with a HUGE bandage wrapped around my head before I went to the emergency room. I don't remember a paramedic, though that may be just a failing of my memory. It was a konk on the head, after all. I was playing in the rafters of the storage shed by the track, and when I jumped down, I hit my forehead right at the hairline on a wooden beam.
How is Mr. Siwek!? I haven't seen any of my teachers from T-Bird since...well...since I was there! Tell him I said a big excited HI, and thanks for being SUCH a great coach and teacher. Tell him I'm still running, and still love English.