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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our House

This reminded me of home.
And made me laugh a lot.


Mary said...

Hee hee.

We lived in a white house for a few years when I was little. There was a big beautiful birch tree in the front yard.

After we moved the people who bought it chopped down the tree and painted the house fry-sauce colored pink. It was so hideous. They tried to re-sell it but surprise, surprise, no one wanted a fry-sauce colored home. Eventually it did sell again, but to a blind couple.

Cindy said...

My house in Indiana had a plethora of amazing foliage, including a grape arbor--my retreat on hot summer afternoons. The shade and the packed dirt underneath made a perfect place to play.

The people who bought the house ripped up the arbor and planted grass.

Who knows; they probably put in a walkway, too.

pam said...

Betsy told us when Angela and I went to see Mandy's baby, that the new owners in our old home have completely torn up the back yard and are redoing it all. You must have seen it all in your dream.