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Monday, October 29, 2007

Extra Work

Well, I'm here in SLC waiting for them to call me on the set. It's
funny, I guess there are plenty of productions going on in the area,
because as soon as I signed in, Gayle, the woman in charge of casting
extras, asked if I wanted to work on Thursday too. It pays twice as much
as today, runs for half the time, is at Thanksgiving Point, and I'd play
an 80's paparrazzi. Cool.
But back to today, I'm just waiting at the train station here in the
Gateway, the shoot is out in the shopping center. They checked my
wardrobe right when I got here, and loved it. I was supposed to come
dressed as an emo rocker. BIG thanks to Dave S., Dave P., Rob Brill, and
Christian Axelgaard for helping me get in character (or at least look
the part). Between my own too-tight shirts, Christian's fadded white
80's Levis, and Dave P.'s Commie shoes, I'm the Emo-est kid in town. I
got high praise from the wardrobe girl who checked me.
I brought snacks, but somehow failed to bring a book, and I'm going to
be here all day. Heaven be thanked for smart phones, I'll find something
to read online.
The production is called "Oreskaband", and I don't know if it's a
feature, a short, a music video, or what. They don't give the extras a
whole lot more info than we need. I'm sure its something I'll be
embarrassed about later. I'll have to get a copy of whatever this thing
is and show it to my friends (they already know I'm here), and they'll
say, "you were in THIS movie? I don't even see you anywhere." And it'll
be some stupid thing, some movie that is either embarrasingly cliche, or
morally offensive, or just low production value.
Actually, strike that last one, the production value is going to be
just fine. Before I came to where the extras are supposed to chill, I
wandered on the set. They have a budget to work with, and nice
equipment, and professionals putting it together, it looks like. So high
production value, but could still be an aesthetic artistic mess. I mean,
this could be the set of the next Bratz movie, for all I know.
The band I mentioned before is here, of the same name as the film.
Google it, look at their Myspace page, "Oreskaband". It sounded like
Japanese ska from what I heard, they're all Japanese girls, sitting
right in front of me as I write this, actually. Not really my scene, but
I don't have anything against it.
Anyway, I'll update you later, when I actually do something. For now,
I'm going to get some more food and find something to read.

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Emily said...

Please post a picture of your entire outfit.