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Monday, October 29, 2007


Lunch was mediocre at best. The meal, not the actual time. I met a few
more people. You find a pretty diverse group here as extras. There was a
pretty flamboyant 29 year old guy and his friend who have been doing
this for a while. There was the 18 year old girl, pretty, married for 8
months, mother for 10. There is the 20 year old theater boy, studying at
the U. There was a 15 year old at our table, don't ask me how this takes
precedence over school. And there was the almost 20 year old girl that
joined us halfway through lunch. Nice girl, very friendly.
We're shooting a night club scene now. I got lucky, I'm sitting down,
though I won't be as close to the camera. The outfit has done me good.
They were calling people out of the mass of extras, and after they had
pulled a few out, we decided that they were getting the younger,
trendier looking kids, the ones who look like they would actually be at
a club. I get to be one of the cool kids.
Anyway, don't let anybody fool you about movie magic. The magic is when
it's all done and a coherent film some how is the result. This
stuff...there isn't anything special about this. Except maybe getting
paid for sitting here.

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pam said...

So what exactly was the cool outfit?