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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cool Beans

I got a text yesterday from a friend in Arizona who I haven't seen in ages. He asked if I was in the intro video for lymabean.com. Huh, maybe I am?

Sure enough. Check the video out here. Some of you may remember my old friend Roger. He is our humble narrator through the tour. I think my picture is shown with at least three different names.


Optimistic. said...

My face isn't in there, but my name or some variation thereof is about twenty times, to say nothing of most of the events of my senior year. If you look carefully, you can see a near-clone of Katherine Campbell Independent Movie Night.

Austin said...

Ya, to say that Rog had a hand in this would be a gross understatement.

Angela said...

Who was the old friend?

rogeber said...

Please don't sue me.

Austin said...

Angela, it was Dan Sorenson.

Rog, never you fret. I probably wouldn't sue a friend even if I had solid grounds. You're just making me famous.