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Friday, April 11, 2008

Once in a Lifetime

My friend Lindsay just texted and said she was listening to The Talking Heads, and that they reminded her of me. I don't know why it did, I don't recall any conversations we've ever had about the Talking Heads, though I could just be forgetting. A asked what song. Once in a Lifetime and Burning Down the House. I was hoping it was Once in a Lifetime. Thanks Lindsay.


mdiller said...

The great part is that the resemblance comes mostly in the actions.

Becky said...

I would say its cuz you're both uber cool with a sliver of craziness thrown in for good measure!

Rich and I are big time Once In a Lifetime fans and like to play it on the ipod. My girls wig out and say, "This is the FREAKY song! Stop playing it NOW!" Whats cool to the mom and dad is automatically not cool to their kids.

Jake Black said...

Best version of Once in a Lifetime ever: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-jbya4kxC6E