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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Timing and Control

Lately I've been wanting...obsessing about...getting a digital SLR. There are just a lot of tricks I want to try. TtV, HDR, depth of field, long exposure, time lapse, light writing, wide angle and fisheye, telephoto, tilt/shift, and macro are all styles or elements I'd love to try out. I want to understand lighting, too. But in the midst of all this obsessing, I thought I'd take a closer look at my camera. I bought this from Rob in December, and have used it as a (very capable) point-and-shoot since. I've been really happy with the results, and I love the swivel design and rugged body.

Looking over the camera yesterday, I realized there were a couple buttons I'd never even used. I looked online, and found loads of information about it, and what's better, tons of accessories. I can get lenses to do most of the things I want, and after downloading the manual, I figured out how to handle all those buttons and features I'd never even thought about. You know what I found? I own a pretty great camera!

You wouldn't believe how excited I was when I took this picture and it worked. I was giddy. I've wanted to do one like this for a long time.

I've figured out how to control shutter speed (I can take exposures up to 5 minutes long), control the aperture (for action shots, I think), and select various modes for different settings. I don't think I can control the focus manually, but maybe. I want to get a intervalometer to take time lapse. And about a hundred other lenses, filters, and accessories.

I might get this guide to really teach me the ropes. I'll feel a little more justified down the line when I get a DLSR if I first take the time to understand the equipment I already have. Seems more responsible.


Rob said...

glad it's doing good things for you, Nikon really knows what they're doing.

Jake Black said...

That picture is AWESOME!!

mdiller said...

There is one thing thats bothering me about this. How did you cross your T and dot your I and still end at A without breaking anywhere?

Brittany said...

oh it's funny you have this up here.. i recently discovered how to do that on my point and shoot too! i'll have to put some of my pics up too. they're so fun. great work.

Jasie said...

that is a great photo, the letters and the pose. ow!