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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cutsie to Death

I know so much more about the girl behind me at work from overheard

She sits in the cubicle just behind me, chatting either with or about
her fiance at any given moment. That alone wouldn't bother me, but the
juvenile flirty talk; "Do you love me more than (name anything lovable
here)? Cause I love you more. No, I Love YOU more. (Kissing noise

Really, affection is fine, even public displays of affection are
acceptable when it's Spring and kept to a moderate level. But THIS
nonsense...I hope I don't turn into a cutsie-wootsie dripping with
sentiment idiot when I'm in love. Tell me if I do.

-Sent from Austin's phone.


Becky said...

Austin, you make me laugh! I for one would love to see you go so gaga that you'd look back on yourself with horrified embarrassment. Throw caution and logic to the wind Austin and LIVE Ridiculously!!! We will all chuck and remember when we acted kooku when high on love drugs.

Confusiousness said...

Judging from a younger less experienced Austin. I remember a time when we had a large group all dressed up in tuxes and gowns and then a very late; short and short sleeved Austin Craig walked in from; who knows where... Just saying that I haven't ever really seen you as the one to be a kooku over such silly things.