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Saturday, April 26, 2008


A couple months ago I left a review for the movie Happy Valley. Maybe you've seen it, maybe you've never heard of it. It's about illicit drug use in Utah Valley. My opinion was that it was an awful film. Really, really pitiful in a lot of ways. It didn't leave me with any affection for the film-maker, either.

I wrote the review and quickly forgot about it. Then, a couple days ago, a thread of comments began to form that turned into one of the most interesting conversations I've had on this blog. Mind you, not because of the content, but because of the participants.

You just have to read this to believe it. Look at the review of Happy Valley (the last third of my post), then look at the subsequent comments. Unbelievable.

Just to wet your interest, I think Jessica Biel may be reading my blog. Probably not, but the possibility is endlessly funny.

Johnny Virgil from the 15 Minute Lunch
Wayan from OLPC NEWS
Rod Santiano from New York Doll


Meredith said...

i loved this so hard.

Dan said...

Wow! Thanks Austin for the entertainment in the middle of studying for finals. Mine are next week. Ron is watching you? It goes to prove how small the world is. Great networking! Your blog has proven a worthy visit every time.