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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Fun Game

Let's play a game. It's called "Arbitrary Policy". We'll each think of
an actual rule, regulation, or procedure that is based on as little
reason as possible. I'll start.
The testing center only administers religion finals in the WILK, and
they stop handing them out at 4:00 the last day of finals.
Your turn.
Oh, you can't think of anything more ridiculous than that? Then I guess
I win!
Actually, I lose, because I missed that memo, and walked in about 15
minutes too late to take the final. I'm now entirely at the clemency of
my teacher. Have Mercy.
Talking to a friend afterward, she decided there is a spectrum of where
a person's focus is. You can understand more of the framework, or the
content. She decided I must be heavily content focused. I'll take that
as a good explanation, because it makes me sound uniquely gifted, rather
than an idiot for missing the final.
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1 comment:

D Smith said...

you should have dropped off a video montage of uncle Jesse, saying "have mercy" with your explaination.