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Friday, April 25, 2008

Thanks, JJ. You're as Helpful as Finals were.

Finals are over. I survived (barely). Wednesday afternoon I came home,
layed down for a nap, and didn't wake up for 15 hours. Literally. I have
moral objections to finals in part because of this.

Cloverfield came out on DVD Tuesday. I wanted to go out and rent it
right away, but finals prevented my focus from being anywhere else.

I have time now, but am prevented by another problem. JJ and his buddies
with their clever marketing have gone and broken the mold again. After
releasing the trailer without a name on it, after their smash hit viral
campaign, after the alltogether unique perspective of the movie itself,
they've done it again. This time with the DVD.

Cloverfield has been released differently at different places. The
Cloverfield I would Buy at Best Buy is different than the one I'd buy at
Circuit City, is different than the one I'd buy at Costco, is different
than fye, Walmart, the list goes on. They have unique special features
and packaging.

The packaging doesn't bother me as much (though I am bothered). The fact
that there is different content on each DVD is just a slap in the face
to fans.

(Voices of JJ and Crew) "Well, guys, you've been great. You followed the
progress on our movie for months, you flooded our websites, you lined up
to see it opening night, you saw it again and again. Thanks so much! And
as a token of our appreciation, here is a mountain of extra DVD content
for you to enjoy. However, we'll be releasing it all on six seperate
DVDs, and if you want to see all the content, you'll have to rent, or
better, BUY all of them! HaHahaha...MwAHAHAHA!"

Thanks, Guys. You're the best. I'll just go out and buy everything,
that's how much I loved it.

OR, I'll save my money, buy the most inclusive DVD, and resent you for
not including everything in one place.

Notice on this Walmart poster for the movie, a very glaring omission
from the original famous poster. Can anybody tell what's NOT there?

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Jourdan said...

Statue of Liberty! Right?

Austin said...

I'll think of a prize...

Optimistic. said...

The Smashing Pumpkins, after a seven-year hiatus, released a new album with this same packaging plan. There's no better way to win back your old fan base than by telling them to screw themselves like this. I don't understand why people do this.