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Thursday, April 03, 2008


I am upset. I made a mistake. It was an accident. It's something that will most likely upset me more than anybody else.

I taped over some of my best footage from the Festival of Colors.

I thought I had in a blank tape. I made sure to put one in so I'd be ready next time I wanted to grab my camera. But a day or two ago, somebody was over, and I showed them some of the film. I forgot to rewind, I forgot to switch the tape. Now about 15 to 20 minutes are gone, replaced with an impromptu barbeque we had tonight.

I was excited about that footage. I hadn't had time to capture or edit it yet (that takes more time than you might think if you've never tried). And now it's gone.


stacey said...

Tyson's done that before. He feels your pain. He wanted me to tell you that we're moving to Utah this month and he expects you to have some great ideas for things you guys can work on.

Jasie said...

impromptu bbq, huh? you posted this at 9:30 pm, huh? well well well. I am little sad inside.

Austin said...

You probably won't believe me, because this is too convenient an alibi for me, but ALL of my timestamps are wrong for my blog. They are all listed as being posted significantly earlier than they really are. Honest, that is the truth.

Jasie said...

whatever, Austin. I know you didn't come to my party just so that you could engage in, and video tape, an impromptu bbq, far more exciting than a planned bbq.

I know off-the-cuff bbqs are tremendously thrilling, but a) they aren't worth skipping out on a birthday party and b) they certainly aren't worth taping over the festival of colors footage. I think you have your priorities way out of line. tsk tsk

Mylee said...

no, it's just custom time, which google started first on gmail. it came out sometime around the first of april.