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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

These Men Work Magic

The song rocks to begin with. It does. But this video...this video:
Justice - DVNO

Everything about Justice comes straight out of past decades, but somehow manages to seem fresh every time. They effortlessly (at least it looks effortless) exude cool. I've mentioned them on here before, and do so again, because I'm genuinely fascinated.

In case you weren't watching anything in the 80's or 90's, what you're seeing is an homage/montage of production and distribution companies' intros from VHS days. I'm serious, bust out the tapes, I'm sure you'll recognize some of the motion graphic sequences that play before the feature film, or better yet, your favorite taped episode of The A-Team.

There is a short portion most of the way through when the video rewinds, a practice that is obsolete now, but recalls the time they are aesthetically emulating.

The audio is more than just the song. There are places where the music is distorted or accompanied by clips of chimes, sirens, etc. Whatever the video called for. I feel the fact that they were willing to compromise the songs fidelity shows dedication to what they were doing. They were making a video, the song was already written and recorded.

There is more going on here than what I'm catching now, just a few minutes after seeing it for the first time. That or I've taken too many film classes.

Another bonus of this style is...I actually know what they're saying now.


Asmond said...

Holy freaking junk. Wow.

Austin said...

Thank you for validating my excitement by reacting in kind. It means a lot to me.

SamYam said...

The impact of Austin Craig on the Summer of Sam:

Showed Sam the DVNO Justice music video -> Sam was blown away -> Sam bought the whole album of Justice off iTunes that night (his first iTunes album purchase, ever) -> Sam explores the world of electronica -> Sam discovers a passion for electronic, house and techno -> Sam discovers dance parties galore -> Sam hosts a dance party, ends it with DVNO, quietly dedicates it to Austin Craig