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Saturday, March 15, 2008

He's YOURS Too?

I haven't been recording my dreams as much lately, but I couldn't let
this one get away.

Dreamt last night that a whole bunch of people really wanted to buy
"Cecil is my Homeboy" shirts
, and they all were coming over to my house
to buy them. Men, women, young, old, all walks of life. They thought the
Cecil shirts
were great. A hispanic family came and wanted to get one
for each family member, from ninos to abuelos, and I started to run out
of some sizes and colors, didn't have enough for all of them. Then Conan
came and wanted to get one. I asked, really embarrassed, if I
could get a picture with him before he left. He answered
matter-of-factly, "Well, ya, that's what I was thinking we'd do." I was
also embarrassed/worried because we were running out, and I didn't think
we'd have one in his size.

I'm sure this dreams comes from there having been a strange resurgence
in T-shirt orders over the past couple weeks, and I am actually running
out of inventory.

Also, this gave me another idea for a shirt design and how to sell it. I
should do that ASAP. It'd be a huge hit. Let's just say it has something
to do with the Presidential Elections.

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