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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


There are few things I enjoy more than impressing a teacher that I
respect. It happens every now and then. Maybe once or twice a semester,
and I always love it.

I'm in my Horror Film class. It's not a class I'm really enrolled in,
but come on, how could I miss this? We come, talk about myth and what
makes us afraid of anything, then we watch old campy horror movies. And
despite what you may think, there is plenty of material for academic
study here.

Did I mention that I probably shouldn't be here? I should be at home or
the library, reading the subjects I'm actually accountable for. I was
debating leaving class to go read, but had to consider what movies we
would be watching. At the class break, I asked the teacher. On the
docket was The Fall of the House of Usher with Vincent Price*, and The
Carnival of Souls.

I asked, "Wasn't The Carnival of Souls filmed in Utah? Just West of
Salt Lake
, right?"
"Yes...it was. You must be some aficionado to know that"
"No, I'm a fake. I know just enough to fake."
"That's what aficionados do."

-Sent from Austin's phone.

*Screenplay by one Richard Matheson.


Abby said...

That is so true.

j said...

Having grown up west of Salt Lake and driving past Saltair all the time, makes me want to go find this movie and watch it. Any idea whether its easy to find at Blockbuster? Or would I need to sign up with Netflix to find such a gem?

Austin said...

I don't know about Blockbuster, but the Orem Public Library has it. Their video collection is particularly impressive, but I'm sure the Salt Lake Library has it too.

Jasie said...

ha. look at you, Mr. Aficionado, impressing the film professor. dang, I'm kinda sorry I didn't go last night....

Austin said...

I was absolutely faking, that wasn't a lie. If he had asked me anything else about that movie, I couldn't' have told him. I've still never seen it.

Nancy said...

that's cool to impress a teacher Aus, but why don't you just enroll in the class?