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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Seat Takes You

There is so much fun to be had with Love Sac's other than just lovin'. For instance, this is a great prank, if you can handle how uncomfortable it can be.
  1. Unzip a Love Sac.
  2. Crawl inside.
  3. Lay down flat.
  4. Wait for somebody to sit.
  5. Scare them to death.
  6. Laugh hysterically.

This was two years ago at Liberty Square. I believe these are in chronological order, top to bottom.

Jess weighs nothing, but makes a big sound.

Sara V. is always a riot. A good little screamer.

Lara is usually very reserved. Not then, though.

Ben was (and usually is) obstinate.

Val was so polite about the whole thing.

Sara B. was scared good.

NOTE: Remember those logic puzzles they tortured us with through standard testing? "If Johnny sits to the left of Cathy, and Cathy is to the Right of Frederick" etc. etc.? Well, I actually used that to figure out the chronological order for the videos. If a person A was in the room when person B got scared, then person A came before person B. What I got was:
  • Val was after Jess and Ben
  • Lara was after Jess and Sara V.
  • Ben was after Lara
  • Sara V. was after Jess
  • Sara B. was after Jess
Did I get the order right?


Mack Hardy said...

Freaking hilarious... gotta love the Sac (hence the name)

edgell supporter said...
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edgell supporter said...

i thought this might interest you:


sorry this is off topic, but i'm not sure how else to contact you

Meredith said...

I could really get into this.

Jourdan said...

Lara and Sara B.'s reactions are just priceless...

Allison said...

I am so glad this was randomly posted on my facebook! Priceless. I definitely remember that day and actually saw those pictures a couple of days ago. Hilarious. That Love sac was one of the best investments. Endless joy.

Nancy said...

okay that was funny, me and Trav had a good laugh, oh to be fun and young and in college again! Those were the days.