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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Dreamt last night that I was part of a Conservative roundtable
discussion with Mitt Romney. We were talking about the presidential race
as it stands now. Mitt was clearly of the opinion that John McCain was
the man to back, and I had to respond honestly that voters may have a
very difficult time doing that. Here's why.

While McCain may be the last man standing for Conservatives, there
certainly isn't any kind of consent that he is the best man for the job.
On the contrary, people have a hard time getting past his moderate
background, though he is outspoken on following through with the War,
one of the most right wing stances there are.

He is clearly driven by political motives. That is, of course, the most
obvious thing you could say about a person running for President of the
United States of America. But all candidates claim a desire to serve and
give back to the country and the world that have given them so much. I
am less persuaded by his claim than others.

And here is what I told Mitt. He didn't like it, but didn't refute it. I
told him that a country so divided by every issue under the sun may opt
for the unifying candidate, and McCain isn't it. Barack Obama is a
charismatic orator who knows what words to use. He defers credit for his
campaign's successes. He calls them "our successes". He talks about
change in an atmosphere of widespread discontent with the status quo.
The nation hates the government, and the world hates America, but nobody
hates Obama. McCain isn't doing much to invite people to his support
that doesn't alienate his existing supporters, while Obama is keeping it
all vague enough that nobody feels betrayed by specifics. I don't agree
with almost any of his policy, but I trust what little I can see of his
character. I agree with more of McCains policy, but I'm extremely
skeptical of him personally. Who do you vote for, the man you disagree
with but trust, or the man you agree with but doubt?

I don't ally myself with any candidate just yet, but I presented this to
Mitt across the table as the problem Conservative voters face.

As an aside, I feel like Hillary Clinton is hands down the most divisive
candidate left. She does it intentionally. She pulls supporters in by
stating that We're not like Them. They are Stupid, We have the Answer.
Most often with her, Them means Republicans, but I think she uses this
as a general technique in whatever setting she is in. It makes me sick.
She makes me sick.

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Nancy said...

that's funny because last night I had a dream that I was on the campaign trail with Barrack Obama. Seriously, ask Travis, I told him when I woke up. I thought it was kind of funny, but I woke up feeling like I'd made a new friend. Don't tell Katie that though, she'll go all crazy conservative on you, don't get her started!

Abby said...

i agree with your dream 100%.