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Monday, March 17, 2008

I Want My FHE

Our ward is having a film contest. Always fun. The trick is keeping it that way. Instead of laboring and striving for a masterpiece, in a setting like this, it's best just to throw together whatever you can in a few hours and not worry too much about the outcome. We filmed Monday night, and edited last Saturday. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Special thanks to Michael Jackson and Erasure.

UPDATE 18 MARCH 2008: Jasie called me out. This is mostly inspired by the work of friend of a friend. I don't think he'll mind (I'm not any competition to him).


Jasie said...

wow, you totally copied that one dude's music video.

Austin said...

Guilty, 100%. Same location and everything. I am a shameless Plagiarist.

Dave the Wave said...


Jasie said...

and with all the original ideas in your head... I'm surprised. =)

Nancy said...

well I liked it, did you know that in 1986 you were 3 years old? How did you know how to dress and dance so eighties? You must have a good memory. I'm impressed.