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Monday, March 10, 2008

Rubble and Paint

There are things to see in Utah. There are the obvious sights. Delicate Arch, Goblin Valley, the Uintah Mountains, The Great Salt Lake, Brigham Young University. There are things to see in Utah. But not all of them so obvious, not all of them so popular.
I'd heard about a spot around here that was some structure long ago leveled, and is nothing now but fallen bricks and graffiti. I found it the other day, prompted by simple curiosity. Must be a whole city block at least, demolished and never cleaned up. Now it's a playground of sorts for the derelict. Dave, Mylee, Dan and I went.

I think it would be a great location to shoot a movie if you could secure the spot. Really, these few stills don't do the area justice. It doesn't look like the United States, it doesn't look like now. It feels more like a bombed out future, in someplace...other.

I've ben noticing a lot of the urban decay lately, but this is the pinacle. It would be an interesting motif to center around. I'll have to write something soon. Maybe Tyson would want to shoot a short there when he gets to Utah.

I'll be going back for sure. There is more here that should be caught on camera before it's gone. Aside from crumbling to pieces, one can only assume the real estate value will some day attract an ambitions developer, and all of this will actually be leveled, to make way for something like "Sunset Creek Village: Condos starting at $200,000".

There were also a number of sights on the way to our main attraction.

We'll be back there. Soon. Anticipate an update.


Daniel said...

so could you tell me where this was? I am actually headed up your way this conference. Unfortunately I didn't get tickets but I am going to visit family anyway. It would give me some place to go.

Daniel said...

These pictures are incredible!!!

Austin said...

Give me a call when you get here. I'll show you around.

Meredith said...

1. Great engagement photos.
2. Great photos.
3. I want to go.
4. You are cool.
5. Grafiti is cool and not cool.

Jasie said...

wow, that's crazy. I want to go! Please let me know next time!

pam said...

The wall art reminds me of some we used to see in the Canary Islands.

Robster said...

Oh my happiness. This place is amazing. You got a ton of amazing shots. This is all so surreal. Good work on the finding of this gem.