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Saturday, March 07, 2009


I try to keep my eyes open. It's helpful for a reporter, but really a trait everybody should strive for.

I was at D.I. yesterday, and looked at an old digital camera they had. It was a Kodak Easyshare, just like one I still have and use. They're simple but durable. My 2 MP still works after 5 years and gives crystal clear pictures, plenty big (don't believe the megapixel myth).

This camera still had shots on the internal memory, and one video.

I copied them to an SD card I had in my pocket*.

I wonder if they have copies of these pictures? Seem like memories they'd want to keep, missions and weddings and all. Maybe they copied them to a card like I did.

*Yes, I keep a variety of flash memory on my person at most times.

Also on Friday, I found this note on campus. I submitted it to Found Magazine.

Sounds like she loves you, Bradley. That's great, man. The best of luck to both of you.

I had some more pictures found on memory cards from Seattle this summer. I went to the Value Village there all the time. Being spitting distance from Microsoft headquarters, there were plenty of old digital cameras there, many still with memory cards, many still with pictures.

I'm really sad I deleted them, now that I have enough content to post.


anna. said...

you find the coolest things.

i'm going to start looking more.

Justin said...

just in case you were wondering, the mission pictures are from romania (the ctr symbol on the guy's hat says ACD... the romanian CTR)...

I should be doing something productive.