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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Josh Topolsky on Jimmy Fallon's show

I read engadget pretty much every day.

Also, I like that not just bloggers, not just political bloggers, but now tech bloggers find themselves in the mainstream media.

The times they are a-changin'

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R said...

Jimmy Fallon is addled for Adderall as Keanu Reeves is roofied for narcolepsy. Neither extreme should host a talk show. I also get the feeling Tina Fey doesn't have kind regard for Jimmy Fallon as the Josh character (assumingly patterned after Fallon) in "30 Rock" is money-grubbing and dumber than a box of rocks: SHE makes him crab fight with his agent merely to retain his job although he came to Jack Donaghy, Alec Baldwin, for a raise.

That said, Fallon's best work was appearing as Randy Goldman on the "Wake Up Wakefield" sketch -- probably because they made him a man of few words. Notably, Fallon could never stay in character when he was in scenes with Horatio Sanz because they would both just laugh at each other. Randy Goldman was (nearly) Fallon's only successful attempt at playing the straight man.