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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Had a dream that was like a horror/slasher movie. Dead people, blood and guts...not a pretty vision. That's what I get for watching a murder mystery serial on TV and reading about the gross shortcomings of the MPAA, with a slasher movie case study, right before bed. It even had a twist ending.

A girl we thought was tied up, who we thouht was a victim, calmly walked away from the ropes that should have bound her wrists. She said something, I don't recall what, to indicate how the killer would get away, then she did just that thing.

We were near the ocean. At the end of her monologue, she ran to the end of the dock, dove in the water, and swam faster and further than any of us could persue after our ordeal. She got away.

I suppose there could be a sequel.

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