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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I just discovered that two of my very favorite professors barely graduated from BYU in communications. They started other careers in business and technology, and, for one reason or another, found themselves back in academia as respected professors.

Looks like I may be on a not bad track.



SamYam said...

I would love to see you join the ranks. You would be an incredible teacher.

Nancy said...

Did you also know that your favorite most talented sister also barely graduated from BYU in comms? Oh your day just got a little brighter I'm sure. We'd love to see you someday when you get a little less busy.

R said...

Knowledge is important -- all kinds of knowledge, really, not just that which can be demonstrated with timeliness, deadlines, or on a transcript. It's a personal journey to find what works and fulfills you, so whether you are "artsy" with a beret, scarf over shoulder (and syphilis ?) or, conversely, "techy" to the point of frankly considering having your own femmebot maid -- it's your thing, do what you want to do.

I don't believe in luck (as such). "Luck" prescribes WHEN something might happen, but not THAT it will happen. If you are that good at whatever you do and you persist with doing it, you'll get to whatever seemingly far-off horizon you aim. Just don't give up during the interim; that is not to say, however, that whatever "floats to the top" is deserving of being there: e.g.: work brought into focus by any number of artificially arbitrary subcultures. I don't consider "grungers" to fit under that bill, though.

On that note, (and the premise of your post), Chris Cornell with his grade nine education promoting staying in school:


anna. said...

please come back and be a professor right now.

i would so be in your class.

...and please let it be COMMS 308.