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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Dreamt that I was part of a group that subverted the security on a plane. It was a big plane, and we somehow, in a technical manner, snuck on. We were in flight, near our destination, when the crew found something, I don't know what, and started looking for us.

I left my seat and went to other sections, hoping to not be found. I walked further and further back on the plane, and when I reached the back and still felt like I might be discovered, I hid in a closet of some kind. It was small and cramped. I stayed there, quiet and still. The door slid open a bit, and a hand reached in and immediately met the back of my neck. I was found, surely, and forfeited my hiding place. I came out.

The hand that met my neck belonged, not to any air marshall, but a woman looking for her coat. She gave me a puzzled smile, as if to say, "What are you doing in the closet?" An aloof smile is all she got in return.

I walked back toward the coach seating area, keeping my head down. I don't know why I hid my face, because I knew they didn't know what I looked like, the stowaway, the illegal passenger. They only knew they were looking for an American. I kept my mouth shut.

I wondered how many of our group were caught, if any. I sat next to a woman with dark hair.

I woke up.

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SamYam said...

Oh man, I wish I had prophetic dreams about our Seattle trip.