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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bald and Beautiful

I heard about this right when it happened, right when a woman in Springville sent an email and picture to us here at the station.

Why, then, didn't it occur to me to go down there myself (or send a friend with a camera and steady hand) to get some pictures and footage of the Bald Eagles to sell as stock footage? How often am I going to see a bunch-o-Bald Eagles? I've only ever seen it once, just outside tiny Oroville WA, in the Fall of 2003. Why didn't I think of that then?

I swear, when I am a self-employed man, I'm going to be doing this kind of thing always.

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SamYam said...

Wow, that's really funny, I saw a wild bald eagle for the first time yesterday up here in Canada. It also turns out that Canadians have a deep respect for the bald eagle too eh.