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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nothing in particular

I usually try to keep a focus to my blog posts. I'm not going to do that this time.

Skittles has a new commercial that is very funny.

I wanted to see it again, and went to their website. Here is a surprise, they don't really have their own website anymore. Get this, they're using almost exclusively social networking and other community driven websites to promote their product. YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter. Neat.

I'm interning at ABC 4 in Salt Lake City. I mostly work on the website. I post stories from the AP News wire and videos from our show. My responsibilities seem to be always changing, though. I'm trying to keep up.

Utah needs to do better making records easily available online. Carl Malamud should be put in charge of modernizing how records are accessed in this country.

I've always enjoyed Mike Rowe. Read the whole Wikipedia on him. In an industry with so many types, he is one of the few broadcasters I'd like to emulate. I've wanted to write him a letter to let him know I think Dirty Jobs is one of the best programs on television. Period. It's entertaining, educational, and morally speaking, clean. I haven't written it yet, but after watching this address he gave, I think I'll follow through.

He makes the most compelling argument for not following your dreams I've ever heard.

I just watched KINGS on NBC. I almost never watch TV, especially normal network TV, but there is always one on at work. It's a pretty good show so far. Hope it does well.

The Liberty Mutual commercials are some of the best ads I've ever seen. Funny commercials are a dime a dozen, but it's something pretty amazing when a thirty second ad can get to your heart. I don't really know what this is, but I'd like to take a closer look later.

The other night I had trouble falling asleep. I don't know why, but I was remembering the house I grew up in. I went through the whole house in my mind. The front entry and the chipped tile. The chandalier hanging after you come in. I was surprised how intimately I remembered all the details, from the stained glass window at the landing on the back landing, halfway down the stairs, to the bamboo theme all over the guest room. I could draw a detailed floor plan of the whole property.

Among other things, I want to go treasure hunting this summer. I know the idea is absolutly absurd. Maybe that's part of the appeal.


Jasie said...

Your lack of focus makes a focused comment difficult... oh well.

First, thanks of alleviating my boredom. This blog post has kept me quite entertained.

Great commercial. I am addicted to skittles. The Liberty Mutual commercials were nice, too.

Mike Rowe is awesome and he has an awesome voice. Reminds me of yours. He's a good guy to emulate. Dirty Jobs is one of my favorite shows, and I really loved that talk! Thanks for posting it. I've been thinking a lot about some of the things he was talking about with work, so it was good to hear.

I have had times when I couldn't fall asleep and was able to in my mind walk through the streets of the neighborhood I lived in in Rome. It's kind of crazy how things can stick with you like that, and I wonder if all our memories will be so vivid one day.

Treasure hunting could be really fun. Even if you don't find anything it would be an adventure, and learning local legends can be a really rewarding hobby. I think you should do it and I would really like to come with you on some of your adventures.

j said...

Wow! Love the Mike Rowe talk. Even if it hadn't called out PETA and OSHA, but I'll take those as bonuses as well. :)

Jenna said...

Great commercial.

I also spend most of my time writing for the Web site at my station. Do you guys use IB?

anna. said...

have you heard about those treasure hunts where you search for things by gps?

that sounds like something that would be cool.

Austin said...

It's called "geocaching". I have heard of it. And I hope to try it this summer.

pam said...

You should write all of your rememberances of the home in which you grew up and your childhood in that home. I would love to read that.

Asmond said...

I would love to go Geocaching with you. I love TED, I love that you post TED. I love that you find better TED talks than I do.

Call me.