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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Talented Sister

For those of you of the jewelry wearing persuasion, I'd recommend checking out Angela's latest post. It's about the grand opening of her new Etsy shop. For those of you who've enjoyed Angela's blog before, you're probably acquainted with Etsy, the home made handicraft haven. Lots of great (and crazy) stuff.

If you COMMENT NOW, and promise to tell a friend, you
could win a pair of these lovely hand-made earrings!
Seriously. If you comment on her post before Saturday, you could get a pair.
Neat, huh?

NOTE: As a disclaimer, this is a prime case of nepotism. Angela is my sister, and former womb-mate.


Angela said...

Thanks Aust. Nepotism at it's best...except...did you mean to link my blog to the word "crazy"? There are a lot crazier things than me on etsy.

Austin said...

It's a link to a search for "Etsy" on your blog. Scroll down to see all the Etsy Oddities you've featured.

Nancy said...

I like the term womb-mate, not many people can claim that.

Angela said...

Oh, okay. That makes sense. Aren't the crazy things on etsy wonderful? They make me smile.