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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


As per Jasie's suggestion, I am taking an informal poll.

Which should I wear more, glasses or contacts?

Your answers will be accepted in the comments section.


Jourdan said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels better about you in glasses.

So yeah. I like you with glasses.

Jasie said...

Glasses!! It would be a shame to the human race to lose another handsome guy to contacts.

Mary said...

You're a good-looking man- eyes and all- but stick with the rimmed glasses.

Meredith said...


D Smith said...

laser eye surgery, in other word they surgically replace your existing eyes with green high powered lasers, but then you would have to wear glasses to keep from burning holes in everything you look at, so I guess my vote is for glasses

Robster said...

I may be breaking with tradition here, but I like you in contacts- they better show off those striking baby blues. Plus, then you can wear some amazing shades, and if you are in the rain or snow then you don't get vision issues. The dark-rimmed glasses do hold a certain personality within themselves, and I love them (along with apparently everyone else), so I'd definitely keep them and be sure to wear them at times. You really can carry off either look just as well, just depends on what you are going for.

Or go with Smith and get the lasers.

Austin said...

Thank you, Rob.
Contacts or Lasers, that's where I'm headed.
Have you people learned nothing from television stereotypes? Glasses are nerdy. Did Zach Morris have glasses? Does Jack Bower have glasses? But you know who does? PC, from the Mac adds. THAT MAN is NERDY.

You're all just saying this because you're used to me in glasses. I have, firsthand, observed multiple instances of when girls especially will look at me more when I'm wearing contacts. I swear to you I'm not making that up. I get compliments on my eyes, too, which never happens if I'm wearing glasses.

That being said, I love my glasses, and when I'm a rich ol' tycoon, I'll have a hundred different pair. This year, I'll just wear my contacts more than I did last year. If I'm lucky, I'll get another pair of glasses. Maybe two.

Austin said...

That wasn't meant to and I hope it didn't offend anybody who wears any kind of corrective lenses. Like I said, I like glasses, I'm just shooting for a change.

stacey said...

Dude, Austin, if you're going to mention Jack, it's Jack Bauer. Man, he'll come kick your butt for that. Tsk tsk. And as for the issue at hand, I vote glasses. I think you're a glasses man but like you said it's probably because that's how I'm used to seeing you.