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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eye Ball Groceries

Dreamt that me and my roommates went grocery shopping, and we were
acting silly. David's family had been evacuated from Mexico, and he said
something about being proud to be an American, and the rest of us burst
into song, with accompanying dance as though this were a stage
production. Then we ran into my mom and dad at the store, but she was
acting really strange, like she was nervouse and pretending not to be.
And I think my dad was disapproving of our joking and wanted us to calm
down. I wanted to do a back flip just to get his goat.

The grocery store was also selling eye balls, and my mom almost bought
some to put in soup, but I convinced her not to, because not only were
they eye balls we were talking about here, but the ones they had on
display didn't even look very good.

I've had other dreams lately that are similarly strange, meandering, and
potentially embarrassing. I haven't written them down. In one of them,
Katie, Ben, David, and me were going some place. Katie was driving and
going too fast. We were on an overpass and she didn't slow for a turn
and our van tipped and we all fell off the overpass, but by the time we
reached the ground, the van was more of a couch, and we all jumped off
and were fine. There was more, but I don't remember.
Why am I having such a hard time waking up and having such wierd dreams?

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Robster said...

That's quite the random dream. Try to make sure your mom only buys fresh eyeballs. I don't know why you keep having such weird dreams, but by all means keep them coming.