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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Monster is Here

So I'm going to see Cloverfield in a couple hours. Hope you guys haven't been too bothered by my recent mania on the topic. I was thinking about it the other day, and realized that I've done this for years, only now I have a blog to make my lunacy public. I was reading about the development and production of the LOTR trilogy for years before they came out, and went to see it opening night with my roommates. Justin was costumed as a hobbit, Tyler Mossel as a wizard, and I wore a white T that said "FRODO LIVES". If I ever find that snapshot I'll post it here. I went to all the Star Wars movies opening night too, at least the ones that opened while I was alive. I suppose I have fun letting myself get caught up in something silly. And I just really like movies.

The NY Times did a review. They essentially call it a two hour gimmick. Oh well, I'm still excited.

Regardless, the mania continues, and here area couple clips to prove it.

"Is that Beth's apartment?" on Yahoo

"Excuse me! Heeey, Marlena?" on AOL Moviephone

I promise, after a review tomorrow, I'm done.


Optimistic. said...

Actually, I've been excited for you to go see it so I can read your review. I want to know if I should go see it, too.

Jake Black said...

I just want to see the Star Trek trailer...