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Saturday, January 12, 2008

And I Brushed as Soon as I Woke Up

Dreamt that my teeth were rotting and broken. Mostly broken, though, like somebody had hit me in the face. Everything I'm reading online says that those are common dreams, but then they proceed to give horoscope like interpretations, or tell me I'm worried about my self image. None of that is valid. My theory is I slept with my mouth open, and it felt gross, and dreamt about that.

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amy said...

my only recurring dream is one where my teeth are falling out. it's pretty horrible every time, which is roughly every six months. in my dream, my teeth start falling out like they did when i was a little kid, but then i realize they are all falling out at the same time, and this time, there isn't another set waiting in the dugout. in my dream i am usually fairly blase about the whole thing. like, oh, well. i guess this is how it's gonna be. well, whatever. i never cared much for teeth anyway.

i dont know what it means, but i just wanted to confirm that it is common enough, as i have a similar dream.