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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And it Started Out so Nice

Dreamt that I was involved with sharing the Gospel with a family. It
seemed they were friends of my family, and had been somehow impressed
with...I don't know...our familiar harmony, I guess. Anyway, in the
midst of that, we were all at a party, a nice happy gathering of family
and friends.

Then it turned into this Japanese horror flick, or Poltergeist. Somebody
got a picture message on their phone that caused panic to ripple through
the crowd, and while I didn't know what was happening, everybody else
knew it was time to run and hide. Some girl and I were running through
the kitchen to hide somewhere, when "it" came. Some unholy force
immobilized me and began to pull me in.

Then I woke.

I had dreams about monsters and ghosts and such as a child. You'd think
that would change by the time I was half way through my twenty fifth
year. You'd be wrong. My dreams frequently center around some
unreasonable, unrealistic disaster. Explain THAT one to me, Dr. Freud.

1 comment:

D Smith said...

I look to your recent posts in conjunction with the topics that have been on your mind as of late to find the inspiration for this dream.

Mainly Cloverfield, a Japanese inspired monster movie, that is shown from the amature photographers point of view, also the audio experience that takes place in a common home setting gone terribly wrong.

No Freud needed on this one. Zombies and monsters into the head zombies and monsters out.