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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dragon Hunter

My friend Steve Shimek got a local investor to give him a modest budget to make a straight to video fantasy flick. Now, straight to video isn't usually my thing, but I know Steve, and I know a bit of what he is capable of. Talented guy, really can do a lot with very little. So, while I'm not expecting any special effects extravaganza, I'm interested to see what he put together. Should be good.

It was all filmed right around here in Utah. I really wanted to get out to the set to see it all, but didn't manage to find time in the month they were shooting. Working like a fool.

It'll be fun to watch and see people I know. I used to home teach one of the actors, Slate. He is really good, was in practically everything BYU did when he was here. I think he's graduated now.

Steve managed to get some recognizable faces, too. The big black pirate from Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl is in it. I thought he also got the coach from High School Musical, but I didn't see him in the preview. Maybe that fell through. But there were some other faces you might recognize. Or not.

Look for Dragon Hunter in your local Blockbuster, redbox, Hollywood Video, or anywhere else that might have a straight to video section, beginning this Spring.


Here are some stills I stole from the blog
of Cole Webley (the DP) . For more information on the production of Dragon Hunter, see Cole Webley's posts on Cinematography.com.

Steve is on the left.

P.S. Steve, if you're out there reading this, I think you should include with the special features something about how you bought all the props online, and then discovered that one of your swords was, in fact, a readily recognizable
Klingon bat'leth from Star Trek. That was funny.


j said...

My understanding was that all direct to video films made by BYU alumni had to had some kind of LDS theme, usually taking a scriptural story and turning it into a modern-day version. I don't see this one making the Deseret Book top sellers list. (Probably thats a good thing)

Jasie said...

hmm...the music in the preview is from the Gladiator soundtrack. interesting.

Steve S. said...

Sweet stolen pics, Austin. Thanks for spreading the word. Bart Johnson (High School Musical) was going to play Darius, but there were scheduling conflicts, so the extraordinarily talented Eric Denton played the part of Darius. He's the guy on the right in the bottom photo. Isaac Singleton is the actor from Pirates of the Carribean. And I definitely will have to mention the bat'leth in the commentary. I hope I don't insult any potential fans with my utter lack of Star Trek knowledge.

Abby said...

Darcy from the LDS P+P. Nice.

skcoe said...

Erik. WIth a "K". He's AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

I am wanting to know when Dragon Hunter is being released to DVD. We were extras in the movie and are anxious to see the final production.

Austin said...

I can ask Steve, and post any answer here.

Daniel said...

Watch it now on HULU!