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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Assorted MSNBC Tech Videos

I work at MSNBC.com. I like their videos. Here are some of my favorites today.

I've already mentioned this once, but it's just so awesome, can't wait to get this on my own devices.

I'll never buy Guitar Hero or Rock Band. I might buy this.

I hope this takes off (figuratively and literally). Maybe some day.


Mary said...

The second video- I've thought about that before. Sounds hosie posy to say such a thing after the fact, but I wonder who hasn't. If they had decent marketing skills they could make millions of dollars.

Used to be my plan.

In anycase, I want it. And they should develop it more into a game like guitar hero rather than a teach-yourself tool. That shouldn't be so hard. Someday when I have children, they will play that game. And I will win.

Austin said...

Mary, agreed, wholeheartedly.