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Sunday, July 27, 2008


It's nice to have my consumer choices backed up by a source I trust, and even nicer when I make the decision first, then find out I'm backed. I bought this Olympus WS-110 digital voice recorder a while back, and have really enjoyed it. Yesterday I stumbled on this review on BoingBoing.net. They like it too.

You know what that says to me?

"Good Call, Austin!"


Mack Hardy said...

How is the audio quality? Is it grainy, or could it work for radio broadcast?

Austin said...

Ya, it is. It has inputs for a mic if you want. For a sample, you can listen here. I did this while driving down the freeway.

Austin said...

I just realized my answer is a bit ambiguous. What I meant was, YES IT IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR A RADIO BROADCAST.