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Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

I love fireworks. I love them. I love how big and colorful and bright
and loud and powerful and Bless America, the Sky is on Fire.

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D Smith said...

I almost bought a dslr just for doing a long exposure shots of the fireworks ok maybe not jsut for the fireworks

Emily said...

I've always been rather ambivalent about fireworks, but this year, I enjoyed them. We have a great view of Stadium of Fire from our deck. Yay for great views.

pam said...

We enjoyed the great view of the fireworks at the Stadium of Fire from the Steve and Emily Craigs' too. And we ejoyed the great company and the great BBQ and other food there too. Sorry you weren't there, but glad you had fun. Tonight it will be Patio of Fire and again we will miss you.