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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Courtship Dating

Sorry, folks, no talk of my Courtship Dating here (this time), but I've been listening to the song by Crystal Castles on loop for...well...a couple weeks. It's weird, on the myspace page, two songs are played when you click on Courtship Dating, one after the other. I only listen to the first song, the second seems incongruous with the rest of their body of work. If a lot of people are doing that, I wonder if it messes up their playcount.

Listen Here

It's a testament to their rising popularity that a year ago, I couldn't find any pictures of them online, at least none that showed their faces (the duo deliberately obscured their faces in most press photos). Now, it's only a google search away.

Look at them. They're the picture of "Cool, I don't care though". Somehow, apathy can equate cool in pop-culture.

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