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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Dreamt the world had ended and I didn't get the memo.

It was very I Am Legend. An infection or a cocktail of infections had
swept accross the world, leaving what had been civilization crippled and
ugly. There were still people about, though. People still trying to make
a life amidst the mess. There were even the infected, too. They were
among the crowd, but didn't look the same, didn't look well. They looked
more animal than man, more wild. They behaved just fine, though. I got
the feeling they were lycanthrope. The disease wasn't airborn, so nobody
was (very) afraid of getting it. During the day, at least.

When night fell, I figured out in the commotion that the general
procedure was get inside and lock up fast. I ran to a flower shop (still
in business) and took cover. The owners were afraid because they didn't
know me, and didn't know what I'd do.

Lucky for them, all I did was wake up.

I looked at the headlines when I woke (news alerts on my phone, I love
it). U.S. employers cut 62,000 more jobs in June. That's after 62,000
lost jobs in May and 67,000 in April.

Maybe the world is ending. At least I got the memo.

-Sent from Austin's phone.

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