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Friday, June 27, 2008


Some guys in my office were playing Rock Band the other day. I gotta' hand it to the guys who made the playlist for that game, they put in mostly winners. I get really in to most of the songs. So I was caught off guard when they started playing this song, and I had to immediately pull away from my computer and see what they were playing. It wasn't really a rock song, and it wasn't a band or song I'd heard before. I liked it.

Apparently, one of the band members is a senior producer at the game developer who made Guitar Hero. They've been in every iteration of the game since the first. Interesting way to launch your band big, but hey, it worked.

The song is pretty funny if you listen to the lyrics. I'm sorry if you're not as into crappy-electro-pop as I am. You probably aren't. But Enjoy.

P.S. I figured out how to post audio here! I'm stoked. I'll just embed a "video", then collapse the height so all that's left is a play bar. Not a perfect solution, but a working one for the time being.


Nancy said...

cool, can you get guitar hero for cheap with your discount? Probably not for Wii right? Looks like fun.

Mary said...

I will start collapsing my videos.

So, do you think maybe you could pass one of MY songs along to these guys and get IT in the next rock band game?