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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hit Points

"Oh, so you're getting your phone to get my number?"

What? Well...ya. You've done everything to lead up to that, don't seem
so smug. YOU started talking to me, YOU said we should have a party,
YOU'RE the one who has been teasing and flirting like an
over-caffeinated cheerleader. You've been HITTING me, for crying out
loud. So don't pat yourself on the back too much, sweetheart. At this
point, it would be pretty bad form of me to NOT get your number.

"Ya, I am. What's your number?"

-Sent from Austin's phone.


Angela said...

It's about vampires...ostensibly. Underneath it's really about the reunification of Germany. But it's funny.

natter said...

So are you going to call her? She kind of sounds like a brat! (Wouldn't that be funny if you married her and this is the story of how you met?)

Abby said...

yeah, i don't think you want to date her.

Austin said...

angela - VERY funny stuff.

natter and Abby - Let's not jump to conclusions. I hadn't planned on dating anybody just yet.

Jasie said...

*taking notes* ...teasing and flirting like an over-caffeinated teenager....

So that's how I get boys to get my number? All right, I'm going to try this out this weekend...

Austin said...

Note this Jasie: Acting that way isn't how you want to act if you want a guy to take you seriously. He might get your number, but unless he's persuaded there is something else there, he may never call.

Don't worry, though. You have substance. Some girls...I really wonder if they do.