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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Frontline is the best program on television today. Period.

If you've never seen it, change that. You will walk away a more
informed, a more passionate, a more capable citizen of you country and
your world.

Frontline is not part of the media. They aren't beholden to ratings,
deadlines, or corperate influence. Frontline puts the media under
the microscope, along with politicians, policy, culture, and society as a whole.

I credit Frontline with influencing me to study journalism. There were
other influences, true, but I didn't mention any of those in my
application to the Broadcast Journalism program at BYU. I talked about
seeing Frontline growing up, and how that show changed me.

There were certainly other options for me. I could have confidently
studied design, engineering, politics, film, literature, English, or a
number of other topics. But I chose Broadcast Journalism because of

I have to go, the second half of the program is on. You should tune in,

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Angela said...

Dude, happy birthday!

Kellie said...

It's totally like EuroNews. Cool.