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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Reality TV. Why do we watch this?

I'm watching the Food Network's show to be the next F.N. Star. They are
KILLING me. They're really putting the contestants through the ringer.
I'm getting Angry with the judges. Not pleasant.

The Food Network is a place we watch for some pleasantry. Comfort and
luxury are the things people want from this station, a la comfort food
and French cuisine. And this show is NOT that.

The contestant(s) I like are asked to do the IMPOSSIBLE, and the
contestants I don't like are still on the show, making every minute more
unbearable. I'd like to see the judges take the place of the
contestants, see if they can hold up to the challenges they're dishing
out. It reminds me of my Eagle Board of Review. THERE IS NO PLEASING

Yet I'm still watching

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natter said...

I'm with ya. It's like a train wreck. I just can't stop watching!

siovhan said...

Okay, I have a Food Network obsession. Think of how you keep up with widgets and other fancy tech stuff I don't understand...and that's my devotion and interest level with FN. Normally I LOVE this show but because of Kelsey and the fact that I know her...it's stressing me out major. Glad someone else feels this way.

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh! I so had this exact conversation with Travis last night after watching the episode, I say, let them cook, be themselves and show what they can really do! That is such a better way to base your next star on, I believe I used the word torture as well! Kind of getting out of control.

pam said...

I watched a re run of the episode where your friend won and got her recipe in The Red Lobster, but I already knew she had won as her recipe was in the paper here. But I can't watch the torture stuff. It is all so ridiculous. I just like the common cooking shows.

Kellie said...

I. Love. That. Show. And it's not on British TV! I've been relying on Lauren for weekly updates. I'm dying!

Angela said...

I agree that they are being ridiculous. I haven't watched other seasons, and I've only seen one episode this season, but I thought it was too unrealistic. But at least that kind of reality show is better than most. At least these people have talent that is being showcased. I find the glorification of stupidity offensive, and that's what most reality TV is.