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Monday, August 18, 2008

Post Card

NOTE: Started this post a couple days ago, just posting it now.

I'm packing. I've mentioned before how meloncholy packing makes me feel. It's a sure thing, every time I start packing.

So, to combat the combined effect of packing and cloudy skies, I'm watching talks online.

This seems to be a new form of education/entertainment to rise with the web. I'll call them Short Courses on Big Ideas. A program like this would never survive network television, but thrives online. To give you an idea of what I mean, I'll link to a few of the talks from some of my favorite sources.


This talk by Daniel Pink aligns so closely with what Alvin Toffler said at the NAB convention last April, I wonder if he simply failed to cite all his his sources.

Adrian Bowyer discusses a machine at the heart of a movement I find fascinating. The priciples at play have the potential to be a global economic game shifter.


Kevin Kelly
is brilliant, and at gatherings like this, he is in good company.


BigThink is good too, and pretty new. This particular talk resonates with what I've said about good long view journalism.

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