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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ye Who Enter Here

The places I work have funny doors. Like at BYU Broadcasting. Or MSNBC.com.

There is in fact nothing behind the door. Only a wall. It isn't even a closet, not enough room for anything much.

Makes me wonder what I'd find if they had any wardrobes around here.


Camille said...

I was blog hopping and happened upon your blog. I'm bookmarking because I liked it so much! Very entertaining.

mdiller said...

Its probably just the passage to a clandestine land found underneath the floor boards. Pull up the floor boards and then tell me what you find.

Austin said...

Awe, shucks. Thanks camille.

mdiller, it's on the second floor. I think they might get mad if I started tunneling to the ground level.