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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

H. Clinton

I once had a frank discussion with a woman I didn't like at all. She
knew I didn't like her, and thought it would be better if we talked
about it. She thought maybe I didn't like her because she was a woman.
Nope, not that. Because she was older than me? Nope. Because she was a
different race and nationality? Nuh-uh. No, Ma'am, it's simply that I
don't like YOU. I can't remember, I may have just told her that.

I feel the same way about Hillary Clinton. I don't like her, and it has
nothing to do with her being a woman, a democrat, or any other
demographic segment. I simply don't like HER. It's personal.

Let me add the disclaimer: I've never met her, I don't actually know her
personally, so it's pretty unfair of me to say I don't like her

With that said, she is among the most public profiles in America. You
can't be in the public eye without people passing judgement. For a
politician, that's deliberate, you need the people to judge you worth
voting into office. So, my (casual) judgement:

I find her abbrasive in her arrogance, deliberately divisive between
parties, and sarcastic and dismissive toward the other side of the

I'm watching the Democratic National Convention. She didn't rescind any
of her previous criticism of Barack Obama. If she wants him to win, she
should have. She named all sorts of social ills, suggesting that the
Democratic party could SINGLE handedly fix them all.

I'll stop. I'm just fabricating specific criticisms because I don't like
her. I just don't.

But I'm sure if we sat down and had dinner together we'd have a fine

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Emily said...

Maybe Jessica Biel will find this and defend her. I hope so!

stacey said...

I don't think if I sat down for a dinner with her I'd have a fine time. :S Other than that, I feel the exact same way as you about her.

Optimistic. said...

Her speech last night was directed toward disaffected Clinton supporters and convincing them to vote for Obama. Chances are pretty good you don't fit into that category, so it doesn't surprise me that the speech didn't really resonate with you. For her, that was surprisingly very apologetic and self-abasing.

I wrote more about it at my place, if you want to read it.

Nancy said...

Was this discussion recent with the woman you don't like, sounds like you're not very political yourself, you could have pretended to like her or at least be nice to her specifically because you didn't like her. About Hillary, as a woman, I am in awe of her. I don't particualrly want to hang out with her, but she really amazes me because I find her so intelligent and whether or not I agree with her she is strong in her convictions.

Camille said...

As a women, I can't stand her.

AS a women, I am offended that she lets her "dh" cheat over and over and over... and she just allows it. Makes me think she's only staying married to him for the public image.

D Smith said...

I dislike her as well, for most of the same reasons and more.

I think it's a shame women look toward her as a role model and the leader in their cause. She has done little for anyone but herself and outside of her surname and it's inherent power I find nothing to admire her for. That being said I believe she is a very capable human being.

D. Manning said...

you'd ask for the check as soon as you sat down.